100MS/s to 5GS/s performance - all through a software upgrade

ADC-212 (Hi-res)

29 April 2002
Category: Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology announces an upgrade to the sampling rate of the ADC-212/100 digital storage oscilloscope / spectrum analyser

  • 50x sampling rate upgrade
  • 5 GS/s sampling for repetitive signals
  • PC based instrument with high-end bench top performance
  • Free upgrade for existing customers

Cambridge, UK — 29 April 2002 — Pico Technology, specialists in PC based instrumentation, has added equivalent time sampling (ETS) to its high-performance, high resolution ADC-212/100 digital storage oscilloscope.

For repetitive signals, the ETS function extends the performance of the ADC-212/100 oscilloscope to 5 GS/s. Alan Tong, Pico Technology's Technical Director comments: “The equivalent time sampling function is achieved through software enhancements to the application running on the host PC and a new firmware configuration within the ADC-212/100. This configuration is automatically installed in the resident hardware when PicoScope is run, and that pushes the performance of the scope far beyond its already impressive 100 MS/s real time capability.”

The proprietary repetitive sampling method developed by Pico Technology allows full use of the 128,000 sample buffer memory and does not restrict the use of pre-trigger functions (a problem with many repetitive sampling methods).

Existing users of the ADC-212/100 (and ADC-212/50) need only to download the free software / firmware upgrade from www.picotech.com. Providing enhanced capability through free software upgrades exemplifies Pico's ethos that, having purchased the hardware, engineers should not be denied access to new test and measurement features/functions as and when they become available.

“Traditional bench-top instruments have a fixed set of functions so eventually become outdated,” says Mike Green, Pico Technology's MD. “PC based instruments however can easily be updated with new functionality, thus increasing their useful life. The fact that Pico provides free upgrades is very popular with our customers as it adds value to the products they have already purchased.”

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