Aston Martin Selects The Best In Diagnostics

Aston Martin Oscilloscope Diagnostics kit (Hi-res)

10 April 2007
Category: Automotive Diagnostics


Pico Technology to supply a customised oscilloscope diagnostics kit to every Aston Martin dealer worldwide.

Aston Martin has joined the growing list of vehicle manufacturers that have chosen to equip their dealers with Pico Technology oscilloscope diagnostics kits. With the growing amount of electronics in modern vehicles, an oscilloscope is now an essential tool for any manufacturer committed to providing world-class service, reliability and performance. The Pico diagnostics kit will support Aston Martin’s entire range of current vehicles, and can easily be expanded to support new models.

The PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope Kit turns a PC into a high-performance diagnostic tool that can be used on all makes and models of vehicle. The four-channel oscilloscope can show voltage and current waveforms for all electrical components, such as MAP and airflow sensors, starter motors and fuel pumps; complex multi-cylinder ignition and injection patterns; and even CAN bus and LIN bus physical signals.

Aston Martin were impressed by Pico’s willingness to listen to their requirements, offer advice, and come up with a high-quality solution. The kit will significantly improve the efficiency of Aston Martin’s dealers and the content of their training programme.

Alan Tong, Managing Director of Pico Technology, said “We are delighted that Aston Martin has become the latest vehicle manufacturer to choose our oscilloscope diagnostic kit. This shows that the kit is a match for the highest-performing vehicles on the road.”

Pico has produced customised kits for several manufacturers of trucks and private cars. To talk to us about giving your company the Pico edge, call +44 (0)1480 396 395.