Clearer automotive diagnostics traces

60A and 600A current clamps (Hi-res)

14 September 2004
Category: Automotive Diagnostics

Pico Technology announces the immediate availability of 60 A and 600 A current clamps with high noise immunity

  • Low ambient noise pick-up
  • Improved performance for automotive waveforms
  • 3m lead and direct BNC connection
  • TA018 and TA019 available immediately
  • See Pico at Automechanika, Hall 9.1, Stand F90

Automechanika, Frankfurt, Germany — 14 September 2004 — Pico Technology, the PC-based test and measurement company, has announced the immediate availability of two current clamps with high immunity to ambient noise. The TA018 is rated at 60 A DC and has two output scales, 10 mV/A or 100 mV/A, and the TA019 is rated at 600 A AC/DC and outputs 1 mV/A.

The high noise immunity is the result of improved electromagnetic (EM) shielding compared to most current clamps and means that, when used with an oscilloscope, the auto technician can capture sharper and clearer waveforms than would otherwise be possible. The TA018 is ideal for capturing injector and ignition waveforms, and the TA019 is ideal for observing starter currents and performing relative compression checks.

Alan Tong, Pico Technology's Technical Director, comments: “The high noise immunity of the TA018 and TA019 current clamps means the auto technician no longer has to employ one of two fixes to ‘lower the noise floor’. In the past, the technician would have had to either coil the signal lead to multiply the current passing through the clamp's jaw or configure the oscilloscope to average out the noise.” Tong adds that ‘coiling’ is only possible when there is sufficient slack in the signal wire and ‘averaging’ tends to hide intermittent glitches, which are often exactly what the technician is looking for.

The TA018 and TA019 current clamps have 3 m long leads and BNC connectors for direct connection to anoscilloscope.

Tong concludes: “The majority of signals that govern how well an engine runs tend to be in the order of just a few amps — so current clamps will only output a few tens of millivolts. With all the electrical noise in the engine bay, for example noise from the HT leads, it's all too easy to miss small but important changes in the signal.”

Both current clamps are available immediately and retail for £99.00 + VAT.