Engine Diagnostic Pulse Sensor

Engine Diagnostic Pulse Sensor (Hi-res)

29 September 2003
Category: Automotive Diagnostics

Pico Technology announce the immediate availability of, and support for, the FirstLook™ automotive engine diagnostic sensor

  • FirstLook engine diagnostic sensor kit
  • Senses pulses in air pressure
  • Technical support
  • Automotive waveforms

Cambridge, UK - 29 September 2003 - Pico Technology, specialists in PC-oscilloscopes, has announced the immediate availability of, and support for, the FirstLook automotive diagnostic sensor kit. The kit provides a fast and accurate means of diagnosing automotive engine problems - such as burnt valves and faulty injectors - without having to dismantle the engine.

FirstLook inserts into a vehicle's exhaust pipe or attaches (via adaptor) to its inlet manifold or fuel pressure regulator vacuum port and converts air pressure pulses into electrical signals - which can be viewed and captured on an oscilloscope. The waveforms displayed provide the earliest indications that there are, for example, problems with specific cylinders and/or the injectors.

Alan Tong, Pico Technology's Technical Director, comments: "As the name suggests, FirstLook provides the first look into why an engine may be failing to turn over or why it may not be running smoothly. Combined with the power and versatility of PC-based diagnostics hardware and software, the FirstLook sensor can save technicians a lot of time - and therefore save garages money."

The FirstLook sensor, a piezoelectric device, requires no external power source and is particularly suitable for use with the ADC-212/3 - the PC-oscilloscope at the heart of Pico's Automotive Diagnostics Kits.

Engine Cranking (sensor used on exhaust and inlet sides) and Fuel Pressure Regulator Waveforms, captured using FirstLook, have already been added to Pico's growing online library of automotive waveforms - and more are set to follow.

The FirstLook Engine Diagnostic Sensor kit comprises: FirstLook Diagnostic Sensor; BNC to BNC cable (8m); BNC to banana jack plugs (1.3m); BNC to BNC adaptor; and Vacuum line adaptor. The kit is available immediately and retails for £259.00 + VAT.

Tong concludes: "FirstLook, combined with our PC-based test and measurement solutions, simplifies automotive diagnostics and, even before lifting the bonnet, can provide a valuable first insight into why a vehicle may not be running properly."