Four-Channel Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Kit

Four-Channel Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Kit (Hi-res)

07 June 2005
Category: Automotive Diagnostics


Pico Technology, a market leader in automotive diagnostics, has announced the immediate availability of its Four-Channel Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Kit. Based around the PicoScope 3423 Automotive Oscilloscope, the kit is designed for the testing of vans, trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles.

The latest addition to Pico's award-winning automotive range, the kit comes complete with analyser hardware, PicoScope Automotive Software and a selection of test leads, current clamps and probes. It can be used to test the majority of electrical components and systems on a commercial vehicle, including:

  • Fuel injectors (conventional and common rail)
  • Fuel pumps
  • Starter and charging circuits
  • ABS, crankshaft and camshaft sensors
  • Lambda, airflow, temperature, knock and MAP sensors
  • Glow plugs and timer relays
  • Relative compression
  • CAN Bus

At the heart of the kit is the Four-Channel PicoScope 3423 Automotive PC Oscilloscope. With 12 bit resolution and a 20MS/s sampling rate, the oscilloscope offers industry-leading performance, and its 512kB buffer memory enables you to zoom in on long-duration waveforms to see fast-changing details. The oscilloscope is powered via USB 2.0, therefore eliminating the need to use an external power supply — ideal for a garage environment. The oscilloscope can capture waveforms from up to four sensors or actuators at once, making it ideal for comparing signals from multiple cylinders. It can be used either in the workshop or on the road to test and measure virtually all of the electrical/electronic components and systems in the modern commercial vehicle.

The kit comes complete with PicoScope Automotive software, which features a comprehensive library of waveforms, presets and reference pages. In addition, software upgrades are available to download free of charge from the Pico Technology website, helping to protect the initial investment. For vehicle manufacturers, the PicoScope software can be customised to provide waveforms and data specific to particular makes and models of commercial vehicles.

The Commercial Vehicle Four-Channel Oscilloscope Kit includes:

  • PicoScope 3423 Automotive Oscilloscope
  • BNC to 4mm test leads x 4
  • 2000A DC / 1500A AC current clamp
  • 60A DC current clamp with BNC connector
  • 2-Pin break-out lead
  • 20:1 attenuators x 4
  • Electronics acupuncture probe set
  • Secondary ignition pickups x 2
  • Multimeter test probes x 8
  • Dolphin clips x 2
  • Small crocodile clips x 4
  • PicoScope automotive software
  • Carry case

Commenting on Pico's latest addition to the automotive diagnostics range, Alan Tong, Managing Director said, “Building on the success of our two-channel Commercial Vehicle Kit, the addition of the Four-Channel Oscilloscope means that users can now capture up to four waveforms simultaneously. A number of leading vehicle manufacturers are already taking advantage of this new technology.”

The Four-Channel Commercial Vehicle Kit is available immediately direct from Pico Technology or one of our authorised distributors at a cost of £1225 + VAT. Further information can be obtained from thePico Technology website or by calling +44 (0) 1480 396 395.