Pico Technology Releases Free Linux Driver for its 2000 and 3000 Series PC Oscilloscopes

30 May 2014
Category: Oscilloscopes

The new Linux driver from Pico Labs allows programmers to control the PicoScope 2000 Series and PicoScope 3000 Series scopes using their own software.

Pico Technology has always supported customers who wish to integrate Pico products into their own software. With the new driver, Linux programmers can now have access to Pico’s full range of entry-level and general-purpose oscilloscopes. Anybody with a PC and a spare USB port can download and use the driver free of charge and with no licensing restrictions.

The driver is supplied as an RPM package that has been tested with Fedora 8, Ubuntu 8.04 and openSUSE 10.4, and is accompanied by example programs in C and full instructions.

As Alan Tong, Managing Director of Pico Technology, explained, “Linux is widely used in the embedded computing, medical and scientific fields because it is stable, open-source and easy to modify, and can run a wide variety of applications. Now these users can choose any scope from our 2000 and 3000 Series scopes to integrate into their own applications.”

The driver is available from the Pico Technology website at www.picotech.com