Linux Drivers for DSOs and Data loggers

Linux Drivers for DSOs and Data loggers (Hi-res)

08 April 2002
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Pico Technology has empowered its complete range of PC-based digital oscilloscopes and data loggers with robust Linux software drivers

  • Linux availability for all of Pico's products
  • No Licence Fee required
  • Robust platform

Cambridge, UK — 8 April 2002 — Pico Technology, specialists in PC-based instrumentation, has added Linux drivers to its complete range of data acquisition and digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) products. Now, by simply visiting Pico's website and downloading the Free Linux software drivers, industrial, scientific, engineering and educational users can access Pico's products from a Linux platform.

The demand for Linux-based applications is growing steadily in the research and development, networking, industrial, education and scientific communities. The operating system offers powerful networking and Internet facilities, is extremely robust, and is licence free.

Alan Tong, Pico Technology's Technical Director said: “With the addition of the latest Linux drivers, now all of our products such as digital oscilloscopes, temperature monitoring devices, and data loggers can be used on platforms running the Linux operating system. Unlike other suppliers, the Linux drivers are free to download from our website.”

Over the last two years, Linux has grown enormously in popularity and is fast becoming the operating system of choice in many PC-based test and measurement and process control applications.

Pico already supplies Linux drivers for its high-end instruments — such as the:

  • ADC-212/100 high-resolution (12bit) 5 GS/s oscilloscope / 50 MHz spectrum analyser
  • ADC-216 16 bit oscilloscope / spectrum analyser
  • TC-08 eight channel thermocouple data logger
  • EnviroMon network based datalogger which supports IP and GSM's (SMS) communication protocols

Now customers can enjoy the benefits of Linux with Pico's complete range of instruments.

Linux, with its powerful networking capabilities and the attraction of requiring no licence fee, is growing in popularity. It is particularly well suited to remote data logging applications, where a Windows Licence fee (and the need to use a powerful Windows compatible PC) could easily double the cost of a basic system.

Mike Green, Managing Director of Pico Technology concludes: “By providing Linux drivers for our products and, with our PicoLog and EnviroMon data logging software supporting IP, it is possible to develop a system with multiple remote sites employing Linux and have just one Windows interface at the central data collection point.”