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PicoScope diagnostic oscilloscope (Hi-res)

19 February 2009
Category: Automotive Diagnostics

The new PicoScope diagnostic oscilloscope has twice the input voltage range, twice the bandwidth, 4 times the sampling rate and 64 times the memory of its predecessor.

The PicoScope diagnostic scope is already well-known and highly regarded by the automotive industry, but the manufacturers, Pico Technology, are not resting on their laurels. 2009 sees a brand-new PicoScope Diagnostics scope with higher specifications.

The new PicoScope is equipped for the future, with a higher speed that gives you a clearer display of fast signals like CANbus and FlexRay. The new “always on memory”, now 64 times larger, never needs to be adjusted, so now you can concentrate on the job, not on the scope. You’ll never miss a detail, even with hard-to-find intermittent faults. The increased ±100 V input range removes the need for external attenuators for most tests.

Used with a PicoScope Oscilloscope Diagnostics Kit, the new scope can test just about any electrical component on a vehicle, including airflow, MAF and MAP sensors; lambda and knock sensors; ABS, crank and cam sensors; injectors and fuel pumps; primary and secondary ignition; CAN bus integrity; starting and charging circuits; and glow plugs and timer relays. The software also includes relative compression and battery tests.

Alan Tong, Managing Director of Pico Technology, explained: “The PicoScope Oscilloscope comes with all the software you need at no extra cost. There is no annual licence fee, and no need to buy vehicle-specific add-ons. Everything you need is included in the initial price. Vehicle manufacturers and other key customers have been testing prototypes of the new PicoScope for some time now and are extremely enthusiastic about them.”

Full specifications can be found on the Pico Technology website. Free technical support and software updates are available to all Pico customers.