New Thermocouple Data Logger

Thermocouple Data Logger (Hi-res)

01 November 2004
Category: Data Acquisition

Pico Technology introduces the USB version of its TC-08 eight-channel thermocouple data logger

  • Accurate thermocouple data logger
  • -270 to 1820 degrees C
  • Improved accuracy and resolution
  • Eight channels
  • Multiple units can be run on a single PC
  • 10 readings per second
  • Free software: PicoLog Recorder and PicoLog Player

Cambridge, United Kingdom — 1 November 2004 — Pico Technology, the PC-based test and measurement company, has introduced a USB (v1.1) version of its popular TC-08 eight-channel thermocouple data logger. The new unit samples at up to 10 readings per second (more than twice the speed of the serial port version), features built-in cold junction compensation (CJC) and covers the temperature range -270 to 1820 degrees C.

The TC-08 can be used with thermocouple types B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T and outputs can be viewed in degrees C or mV. The unit is accurate to 0.2 per cent +/- 0.5 degrees C and has a resolution of better than 0.1 degrees C for most thermocouple types.

The TC-08's USB connectivity allows multiple units to be run on a single PC — making it easy to create systems with up to 80 thermocouples. The TC-08 is supplied with PicoLog software free of charge — full and demo versions of which can be downloaded from

Alan Tong, Pico Technology's Technical Director, comments: “The serial version of the TC-08 was launched in 1995 and, with temperature being the most common parameter users wish to measure, fast became one our most popular data logging products. However, with serial ports no longer provided on modern PCs, customers had to buy serial-to-USB adapters — but no more: the new TC-08 connects to a PC via USB, dispensing with the need for an adapter and delivering enhanced performance.”

With the free PicoLog Recorder software, the user can configure multiple (USB) TC-08s, set the sampling interval from 0.1 seconds to several hours and set the maximum number of readings. The user can also tell PicoLog Recorder what to do once the thermocouple readings have been taken — either: Stop; Repeat Immediately (start again); Scroll (oldest recordings disappear); or Repeat After Delay (where the delay is set by the user). The user can also perform mathematical operations on the thermocouple outputs: for example to output one temperature relative to another.

Using PicoLog Recorder, TC-08 data can be viewed, in a spreadsheet and/or in a graph, as it is being recorded. TC-08 data, collected from previous recordings, can also be viewed in PicoLog Player. The TC-08 (USB version) isavailable immediately and retails for £249.00 + VAT.