Oscilloscope Software Features Advanced Parameter Measurements

19 April 2000
Category: Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology's PicoScope version 5.05, free for existing users, features high-end oscilloscope parameter measurements and advanced display modes.

Cambridge, UK — 19 April 2000 — Pico Technology has announced the launch and immediate availability of PicoScope version 5.05 for use with the company's popular and extensive range of PC-based oscilloscopes and spectrum analyser products. The software is free for existing customers to download from the Pico website (www.picotech.com).

In oscilloscope 'mode', PicoScope can now display automated parameter measurements below the oscilloscope trace. Some 19 different measurements are available including frequency, rise/fall time, pulse width, duty cycle, crest factor and peak to peak voltage

In addition, the maximum number of points available in PicoScope's spectrum analyser (which can be used with the oscilloscope) has been increased from 1024 to 4096: hence, when used over the 20Hz to 20kHz audio range, this provides a resolution of better than 5Hz.

“PicoScope is at the heart of the majority of our test and measurement solutions, so engineers can truly flex the power and configurability of the PC,” said Mike Green, Managing Director and co-founder of Pico Technology. “Take the parameter measurements available with version 5.05, for example. As well as current readings, you can also display average readings, max-min readings and standard deviation.”

Furthermore, for production testing, pass/fail limits can be set for each parameter and, because Pico's solution is PC-based, the transfer of data/results into production reports, spreadsheets and databases is easy to implement. Also, PicoScope features several display options which are useful for capturing intermittent faults — - extremely useful during 'burn in' tests and 'in the field' fault finding.

Pico believes that the ability to add new functionality to PC based products through a simple software upgrade is a key advantage over 'benchtop' instruments. “Traditional instruments have a fixed set of functions so eventually become outdated,” concluded Green. “On the other hand, PC based instruments can easily be updated - adding new functionality and increasing their useful life. The fact that Pico provides free upgrades is very popular with our customers as it adds value to the products they have already purchased.”

The software is also provided free when purchasing hardware from Pico Technology's extensive portfolio of signal conditioning and test and measurement products. For a free copy of the latest catalogue of Pico Technology's products, visit www.picotech.com