Pico launches a new generation of Automotive Diagnostics

Automotive Diagnostics kit (Hi-res)

24 June 2002
Category: Automotive Diagnostics

Pico Technology announces the immediate availability of a low cost diagnostics package to aid in the testing of automotive electrical and electronic systems

  • Low cost and easy to use automotive diagnostics package
  • PC-based oscilloscope
  • Powerful software/information suite
  • Dedicated test probes, clips and leads
  • Ideal for OEMs, garages, recovery organisations and other automobile specialists

Cambridge, UK — 24 June 2002 — PC-based instrumentation specialists Pico Technology has launched anAutomotive Diagnostics Package that enables the measurement of (amongst other parameters): starter current; ignition, injector and ABS signals; and RPM sensor outputs. The package comprises a powerful, yet low-cost, PC-based oscilloscope, current clamp, secondary ignition pick-up and a range of test clips, leads and probes.

At the heart of the Automotive Diagnostics Package is the PicoScope software and information suite, which features a drop down menu of common automotive tests. In addition, the software can be customised and, via Internet access or CD ROM, can make full use of Pico's growing range of automotive test waveforms - made freely available earlier this year at www.picoauto.com

Alan Tong, Pico Technology's Technical Director says: “The Automotive Diagnostics Package affords automobile technicians and engineers the ability to make accurate and high-resolution measurements and compare them to a growing number of expected results.”

The Automotive Diagnostics Package is ideal for OEMs, franchised and non-franchised garages, breakdown/roadside recovery organisations and those providing mobile tuning/repair services. Costing a fraction of traditional automotive oscilloscopes and engine analysers, the Automotive Diagnostics Package features Pico's ADC-212 oscilloscope which, when used with PicoScope software, converts a desktop or laptop computer into an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser and meter at the same time.

Tong continues: "With the ADC-212 at the heart of our Automotive Diagnostics Package, it is possible - thanks to the ADC-212's memory depth and resolution - to capture complex automotive waveforms and 'zoom in' horizontally and vertically on areas of interest."

The Automotive Diagnostics Package includes a 600A AC/DC current clamp - ideal for displaying starter current waveforms, charging currents and for performing quick compression tests - and an insulated secondary ignition pick-up, which avoids the need for a direct connection. In addition, a number of more general-purpose probes, leads and clips allow for the measurement of lower voltage/current signals and waveforms.

Tong concludes: “The test package is everything you need to measure and record the majority of the signals, currents and voltages responsible for whether a vehicle is functioning or not. And with the ability to download traces and settings from the web into PicoScope technicians can compare like for like.”

“Both 'good' and 'bad' waveforms are present within the library as good traces alone cannot convey what may be wrong with a vehicle when a technician is unable to capture a similar trace. With access to 'bad' waveforms it is easier to draw conclusions as to which components are at fault.”

The Pico Technology Automotive Diagnostics Package is available immediately, and retails for £599.00. For those already using Pico's ADC-212, the necessary accessories required to complete the Automotive Diagnostics Package are available for around £200.00