Pico Technology Adds Math Channels And Filtering To Oscilloscope Software

New Math Channels and filtering features (Hi-res)

05 January 2009
Category: Oscilloscopes

New features available free to all users of PicoScope 6.

PicoScope, the PC Oscilloscope software from Pico Technology, is one of the best-known oscilloscope packages on the market. Its carefully designed ergonomics and clear, uncluttered display have set a benchmark for PC Oscilloscope displays. With the latest release, PicoScope can now display mathematical functions of input signals alongside the original inputs.

To add a math channel, just click a button and a wizard will guide you through the process. You can quickly select one of the built-in functions, such as inversion or addition, or create your own from the highly flexible equation editor. All the standard arithmetic, exponential and trigonometric functions are supported. You can control the entire process using the mouse, or type equations using the keyboard if you prefer.

The number of waveforms you can display is virtually unlimited. You can have eight waveforms in one ‘view’, but if you need more you can simply open another view. Math channels can be used in both oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer modes.

Another new feature is input filtering. You can now apply a digital low-pass filter with adjustable cut-off frequency to each input channel independently. This can be used to reject noise and reduce jitter, resulting in cleaner waveforms.

Finally, amongst the other improvements in this release is the ability to use the colour persistence and equivalent-time sampling modes at the same time. This allows you to spot intermittent glitches in fast repetitive signals that are beyond the real-time sampling rate of the oscilloscope.

Alan Tong, Managing Director of Pico Technology, commented: “Since we launched PicoScope 6, we have been continually adding new features and improving its performance to make sure that our customers always have the best available software. All these new features are available free of charge to new and existing users.”

PicoScope 6.2.0 can be downloaded from the Pico Technology website at www.picotech.com. Free technical support and updates are available to all Pico customers.