Pico Technology expands its St. Neots R&D/Production facility

Pico Technology expands (Hi-res)

02 September 2002
Category: General

  • 50% more space
  • Actively recruiting engineers
  • Demand for PC-based solutions increasing

Cambridge, UK — 2 September 2002 — To meet the increased demand for PC-based instruments Pico Technology has expanded its R&D and Production facility at St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, by 50% and is actively recruiting hardware and software engineers.

Pico moved its R&D/production facility to Mill House in St. Neots in April 2000. At the time this saw the relocation of about a dozen employees. The company has, in the space of just over two years, outgrown Mill House and is now leasing the building next door (formerly a car show room). Pico currently employees 26 people at its St. Neots facility — of which about half are engineers in design and development roles.

Andrew McCartney, Pico Technology's Marketing Executive, comments: “The demand for PC-based solutions is greater than ever. Engineers are, for a number of sound reasons, favouring 'soft' instruments that run on PC platforms over their traditional benchtop counterparts.”

McCartney lists these reasons as:

  • PC-based solutions cost a fraction of their traditional benchtop counterparts;
  • PC-based solutions often combine more than one instrument;
  • Free software upgrades means the instruments can always have the latest functions and features - protecting the investment in the hardware;
  • Once data is captured in a PC it is easy to save and distribute.

Pico is, in addition to enhancing the hardware and software of existing products, developing new hardware products and software. The new building will house Pico's production department and stores.

McCartney concludes: “We're pleased to be expanding into the building next door. It's giving us much needed space and reflects the fact that Pico is growing as a company.”