Pico Technology Extends Five-Year Warranty To Its Most Popular Products

09 October 2009
Category: General

At Pico Technology, the leading PC Oscilloscope and Data Logger manufacturer, we now cover our most popular products with a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

“Many companies offer just a one or two-year warranty,” explained Managing Director Alan Tong. “We are so confident in the quality of our products that we have decided to give away a valuable extra guarantee, at no additional cost to the customer.”

The new 5-year warranty covers 15 USB Oscilloscope models and 5 USB Data Loggers. All of our Oscilloscopes and Data Loggers are PC-based, which means that they work in conjunction with the PC or laptop on your workbench. Because our products don’t have a computer inside, we can put all of our design effort into the specialised instrumentation and software that you need to make accurate measurements. This also makes our products much smaller, lighter, less power-hungry and more economical than their bench-top counterparts.

Our USB Oscilloscopes range from the PicoScope 2104, a 10 MHz instrument with all of its electronics contained in an ergonomic handheld probe, to the PicoScope 5204 with 250 MHz bandwidth, 1 GHz real-time sampling rate and a huge 128 megasample memory. Our USB Data Loggers range from the low-cost, 10-channel PicoLog 1016, with 12 inputs and 10-bit resolution, to the high-precision ADC-24 with 16 channels and 24 bit resolution. Every product includes a full copy of the PicoLog or PicoScope software, so you get all the advertised features with no expensive add-ons to buy.

With the added reassurance of the new 5-year warranty, Pico oscilloscopes and data loggers now offer unbeatable value for money. Visit our website at www.picotech.com to download datasheets, find your local distributor or order online.