Pico Technology launches new app to guide technicians


18 October 2021
Category: Automotive Diagnostics

Following on from the launch of our latest generation of automotive oscilloscope software, PicoScope 7 Automotive, we are delighted to share the release of our brand new PicoScope Automotive app.

This exciting development is not PicoScope software running on a phone or tablet, but instead brings together a powerful and accessible set of information designed to be our most interactive and complete customer engagement tool. The app gives new users everything they need to understand PicoScope no matter the level of their diagnostic experience.

The PicoScope Automotive app will guide technicians through their journey into oscilloscope diagnostics. It allows everyone to learn about PicoScope and the different kits available, the use of our Top ten Guided tests, and also benefit from tips on how to use PicoScope. It allows a user to confidently master their diagnostic skills with PicoScope and become the best technician they can be.

The app includes articles, animations and videos that show how PicoScope benefits both a technician and the workshop, and demonstrates the ease and simplicity of the PicoScope hardware and software.

Key Features

•              How to get started with PicoScope

•              Waveform analysis and advice

•              Popular Pico case studies

•              Find the right PicoScope kit

•              Bite-sized training videos

•              Watch animations of our Top 10 Guided tests

•              Real-life workshop applications

In addition to benefiting existing PicoScope users, the new Pico Automotive app is also ideal for technicians considering the addition of an oscilloscope to their diagnostic toolbox. Thanks to the app and our free PicoScope 7 software, they can thoroughly understand the possibilities and benefits without having to purchase anything.

Phil Service, Pico Technology’s Automotive Business Development Manager, said “We have a proud history of supporting our users with continuous product improvement, technical advice and an ever-expanding set of videos to assist technicians in making the most of their PicoScope. The free additions of PicoScope 7 Automotive software and our new app equally benefit our loyal users who may still be using the PicoScope hardware they purchased more than a decade ago, further improving their productivity at no extra cost.”

Download the PicoScope Automotive application now! It is available for free, with no subscription or registration required, from https://www.picoauto.com/picoapp

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