Pico Technology Launches New Automotive Diagnostic Accessory

12 June 2007
Category: Automotive Diagnostics

Coil-on-plug extension lead takes accurate secondary ignition measurements from coil-on-plug ignition systems

The coil-on-plug extension lead is a simple accessory that allows you to take accurate secondary ignition measurements on coil-on-plug ignition systems. The lead helps you diagnose secondary ignition circuits by enabling HT measurement when there is no access to a spark plug lead. The extension lead is specifically designed for use with the PP178 Secondary Ignition Pickup.

The COP extension lead is easy to use: fit it between the coil pack and the plug, place a capacitive secondary ignition pickup on it and your oscilloscope will show an accurate ignition waveform with a correct kV measurement. The lead is designed for use with PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes, but can also be used on all other scopes that can display ignition patterns.

The Coil-on-plug extension lead is available immediately direct from Pico Technology or one of its authorised distributors, at £24.99 + VAT per lead, or £94.99 + VAT for a set of four, ideal for use with cartridge coil packs. Read further information on the Pico Technology website, or request details by calling +44 (0)1480 396 395.