Pico Technology Ltd launches advanced PicoScope 3000E Series PC-based Oscilloscopes



11 June 2024

Pico Technology Ltd., a leader in PC-based test & measurement products, is proud to announce the expansion of its acclaimed PicoScope 3000 series with the introduction of the World's first USB-powered 5 GS/s oscilloscopes. Two models, with 350 MHz and 500 MHz bandwidth respectively, have 5 GS/s sampling rate and 10 bits resolution (up to 14 bits with Enhanced Resolution). They set the standard for next generation waveform measurement and analysis with power, performance and portability in the field of test and measurement equipment.

The latest additions to the PicoScope 3000 series combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design to meet the diverse needs of engineers, technicians and researchers worldwide. Key features of the new models include:

  • 500 MHz bandwidth, 5 GS/s sampling rate and 10 bits resolution
  • 2 GS Ultra-deep capture memory: Enables capture of long-duration signals at maximum sampling rate and is complemented with the PicoScope DeepMeasure™ tool that delivers automatic measurements of waveform parameters on up to a million waveform cycles with each triggered acquisition.
  • 200 MS/s 14-bit AWG / Function generator: Offers real-world waveform generation capabilities for a wide range of applications, eliminating the need for additional external equipment.
  • USB 3.0 Type-C® connected and powered: Ensures high-speed data transfer and compatibility with the latest generation of PCs, simplifying connectivity and setup. An adaptor for earlier USB port types is provided.
  • PicoScope 7 User Interface for Windows, Mac & Linux with free updates: Offers a modern, intuitive interface that enhances productivity and workflow efficiency across multiple operating systems.
  • 38 Serial Decoders Included as standard: Facilitates the analysis of serial bus communications, simplifying debugging and troubleshooting processes.
  • Segmented Memory, Persistence and Fast waveform updates: Enhances waveform visualization and analysis capabilities, enabling users to extract valuable insights efficiently.
  • Advanced Maths, Measurements, Masks and Digital Triggering: Empowers users with advanced analysis tools for in-depth waveform characterization and interpretation.
  • Customizable Actions that users can set up to automatically perform in response to events in long-duration unattended soak tests.
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows users to write bespoke applications with the provided drivers for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Trevor Smith, T&M Product Manager at Pico Technology, expressed his excitement: “With the introduction of our two new PicoScope 3000E series oscilloscopes, we're redefining the boundaries of mainstream electronic test and waveform analysis. These instruments enable innovation, precision and limitless possibilities, one waveform at a time.”



The new PicoScope 3000 series oscilloscopes with 350 MHz and 500 MHz bandwidth options are now available for purchase through authorized PicoScope distributors worldwide and on picotech.com. For more information about pricing, specifications and availability, please visit the picotech.com or contact your local distributor.

For further information https://www.picotech.com/oscilloscope/picoscope-3000e-series-500-mhz-5gs-digital-usb-oscilloscope