Pico Technology on a Disc

01 December 2000
Category: General

Pico Technology's Software and Reference CD details 65 Hardware Products and Accessories, as well as Full and Demo versions of its PC-based Instrumentation Software

  • Software, demos, drivers and examples
  • Application notes and science experiments
  • 45 hardware products and 20 accessories detailed

Cambridge, UK — December 2000 — PC-based instrumentation specialist Pico Technology has announced the immediate availability of its Software and Reference CD. The CD can be requested by phone, fax or email and contains Pico's entire product catalogue, user manuals and software (demos and full installations).

Effectively an offline version of the Pico Technology website, www.picotech.com, the CD uses the PCs browser to display product information, application notes and (for educational users) Pico's entire range of Science Experiments. The CD can also access the Pico Technology web site for up to the minute product information and news.

“The disk is interactive and very easy to use and details everything we do”, comments Mike Green, Pico Technology's Managing Director. “Some 45 hardware products and 20 accessories are detailed, plus demo and full versions of our popular PicoScope, PicoLog and EnviroMon software products can be installed onto the user's PC.”

The demo versions of PicoScope, PicoLog and EnviroMon can be downloaded on to the user's PC for evaluation purposes before the commitment to buying Pico hardware. However, users already employing Picos hardware products can install—free of charge—the latest, full versions of the software products.

Users can also install product manuals, drivers and examples. For users wishing to write their own software, or use Pico's hardware products with third party software, Pico Technology offers—again free of charge—a range of software drivers (for DOS and Windows 3.1x, 95/98/ME and NT/2000) and examples (in C, Pascal, Delphi, LabVIEW and Visual Basic).

A Whats New 'button' on the main user interface takes the user through to the Pico Technology web site for a list of available updates (since the CD was issued) and also allows the user to provide feedback and comments.

The CD contains a comprehensive reference library that includes application notes and an A to Z of how to measure many common signals – for example, voltage, current and humidity. The library also details how PC-based oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, multimeters and virtual instruments can best be utilised for a number of popular applications including automotive testing, and measuring audio and video signals. In addition, the reference library also provides guidance on making less common measurements for example, pulse/heartbeat monitoring and measuring the beating of a bird's wing.

“There is also a reference manual outlining the Pico Technology Library of Science Experiments”, continues Green. “This contains a number of educational experiments suitable for use with our oscilloscope and data logging products.”