Pico Technology Unveils PicoBNC+ Differential Probe and Enhanced EV Kits


14 May 2024

The PQ345 PicoBNC+ 1400V Differential Probe Kit, part of the PicoBNC+ family, changes the game for high-voltage measurements. With the hallmark benefits of PicoBNC+ connectivity, including probe recognition, it connects seamlessly with PicoScope 4425A oscilloscopes, eliminating manual range switching and battery concerns. With up to three probes usable at once, technicians can ensure safety compliance without compromising efficiency.

Designed to excel in high-voltage and low-voltage environments, this differential Probe effortlessly handles signals ranging from EV batteries and inverters to 5V digital communications networks such as CAN, offering unparalleled versatility for automotive diagnostics.

Key features of PicoBNC+ connectivity include:

  • Smart probe interfacing, enabling hassle-free probe configuration within the software.
  • Powered probes that remain operational without the need for batteries or constant recalibration.
  • Channel status lights and probe checking for instant identification of connected probes and their status, streamlining diagnostic procedures.

With the introduction of the PicoBNC+ 1400 V Differential Probe, Pico Technology is updating its EV Kits, equipping technicians with essential measurement tools for both high and low-voltage systems, including insulation and safety testing capabilities. Supported by EV-specific Guided tests, and a reference waveform library integrated into the PicoScope 7 Automotive software, Pico’s EV kits ensure workshops remain at the forefront of EV diagnostics.

"Our latest offerings underscore our dedication to empowering automotive professionals with cutting-edge diagnostic solutions," said Phil Service, Business Development Manager at Pico Technology. "With the PicoBNC+ Differential Probe and updated kits for Electric Vehicles, we aim to streamline EV diagnostics while ensuring utmost safety and efficiency in workshops worldwide."

For further information https://www.picoauto.com/products//electric-and-hybrid-vehicle/pq345-picobnc-1400v-differential-probe-kit