Pico Technology’s PicoLog® 6 – straightforward from the start


26 February 2018
Category: Data Acquisition

Pico Technology designed and manufactured its first data logger, the ADC‑10, in 1991 with a simple scope and logging software package for MS-DOS, so that users could achieve the three fundamental purposes of logging software: set up the logger, view the graphed data and save the capture to disk. These packages later became known as the PicoScope® and PicoLog software.

While not much has changed with the three fundamental logging software functions in 27 years, computing and technology have moved on considerably, allowing faster setup, more advanced ways to review the capture and almost unlimited storage capability.

Designed from the ground up to be intuitive from the outset, PicoLog 6 allows you to set up the logger and start recording with just a few clicks of the mouse, whatever your level of data logging experience. Here are some of the features:

  • Real-time data collection and display
  • Available for Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Virtually unlimited logging capacity to PC
  • Robust database format minimizes data loss and corruption
  • Simple and complex programmable alarms
  • Up to four independent graph displays
  • Channels and graphs can be scaled using lookup tables or equations
  • Data can be exported as CSV, clipboard image or PDF
  • Supports multiple different Pico Technology data loggers on the same PC

PicoLog 6 software is designed for use with all current Pico Technology data loggers:

  • The cost-effective TC‑08 8-channel thermocouple logger, with high resolution and a wide temperature measurement range
  • The PT‑104 precision RTD temperature logger: able to measure down to 0.015 °C accuracy
  • The PicoLog CM3 3-channel AC current logger for long-term energy use and mains current monitoring
  • The ADC‑20 and ADC‑24 high-resolution multi-channel voltage loggers, supporting single-ended and differential sensor measurements
  • The cost-effective PicoLog 1012 and PicoLog 1216 multi-channel voltage loggers: these work as loggers with PicoLog 6 and as 100 kS/s scopes using PicoScope 6.
  • …and lastly, with its wide range of built-in sensors and connections for optional external sensors, the DrDAQ solves many data acquisition challenges at a budget price.

Download the latest version of the software to demo here: https://www.picotech.com/downloads

View Pico Technology’s range of data loggers here: https://www.picotech.com/products/data-logger