Pico Technology releases major new version of PicoScope automotive software

14 September 2006
Category: Automotive Diagnostics

PicoScope 6 Automotive, the new version of Pico Technology’s award-winning automotive diagnostic software, is now available. It offers higher performance, improved usability and appearance and many new features, and works with all versions of the Pico Automotive Oscilloscope Kit.

The PicoScope 6 Automotive software is part of the Pico Automotive Oscilloscope Kit, which turns your PC into a powerful oscilloscope for vehicle diagnostics. With the increasing amount of electronics in modern vehicles, it’s no longer enough to rely on a scan tool. An oscilloscope leads you directly to the source of the problem, and works on any vehicle from any manufacturer.

PicoScope 6 includes over 70 built-in tests for most of the sensors and actuators in a typical vehicle, including injectors, fuel pumps, glow plugs, primary and secondary ignition, batteries, alternators, CAN bus and LIN bus. Each test is accompanied by a detailed reference topic with example waveforms, technical information, photos and diagrams.

The improved performance of PicoScope 6 allows a faster capture rate, making it easier to see fast-moving signals. To make the software easier to use, Pico has added clearer graphics and text, tooltips and help messages to explain all features, easy point-and-click tools for panning and zooming, and user-configurable toolbars so that users can put all the controls where they want them. There are new features such as a custom probes manager to make it easier to use special probes and sensors; and the ability to create multiple views of the same data, with individual zoom and pan settings for each view. PicoScope 6 is based on the latest Windows programming techniques to help get new features to you quicker.

It’s easy for PicoScope Automotive owners to upgrade to PicoScope 6. The new version can read all waveforms and settings saved by the old version, and supports all models of PicoScope Automotive oscilloscope. David Frew, Marketing Manager at Pico Technology, said, “We don’t only provide our customers with the best automotive PC Oscilloscopes available. We also make sure that they stay ahead of the competition by releasing frequent, free software updates with new features and additional reference information.”

PicoScope 6 is available now, free of charge to existing customers. Visit the Pico Technology website or call +44 (0) 1480 396 395 for details.