PicoScope Diagnostics

Four-Channel PC Oscilloscope Kit (Hi-res)

05 April 2005
Category: Automotive Diagnostics


Pico Technology launches its eagerly anticipated Four-Channel PC Oscilloscope Kit, based around the PicoScope 3423 Automotive PC Oscilloscope. The kit is designed with mechanics and automotive technicians in mind, allowing fast and accurate diagnosis of the host of electrical and electronic components and circuits in a modern vehicle.

The Four-Channel PC Oscilloscope Kit includes all of the components necessary to test the engine for abnormalities. The PicoScope 3423 Automotive PC Oscilloscope is a four channel ignition and engine analyser which can be used with PicoScope Automotive software to collect, store and analyse readings. The accessories including clamps, ignition pickups, test leads and probes come packaged in a hard-wearing carry case.

The powerful combination of the Four-Channel PC Oscilloscope and PicoScope Automotive software allows thorough testing of the multitude of sensors and actuators in a modern vehicle. The software contains a technical reference library of tests and tutorials on over 50 topics, including waveforms. The components and circuits which can be tested include ignition, injectors, ABS, lambda sensors, compression tests, fuel pumps and CAN Bus to name but a few. The Four-Channel PC Oscilloscope kit is a cost-effective ignition and engine analyser for today's automotive technicians.

The Four-Channel PC Oscilloscope Kit is an improved version of the multi-award winning Two-Channel Automotive Diagnostics Kit. Connected and powered via the USB port on any modern PC or laptop, the new kit eliminates the need for a power-supply or batteries.

The Four-Channel PC Oscilloscope has an improved sampling rate of 20MS/s, a 12 bit resolution, huge buffer memory of 512k samples and an excellent 1% level of accuracy. The PicoScope Automotive software is continually updated and free upgrades are available from the Pico Technology website. The kit also comes with lifetime technical support from the Pico automotive specialists. The kit's impressive credentials have already led it to be selected by several vehicle manufacturers for dealer-level diagnostics.

The Four-Channel PC Oscilloscope Kit is available immediately directly from Pico Technology or any authorised Pico distributor at a cost of £1225. Further information can be obtained from the Pico Technology website or by calling +44 (0) 1480 396 395.