Pico Technology Releases SDK for PicoScope 9000 Series Sampling Oscilloscopes

16 December 2010
Category: Oscilloscopes

The PicoScope 9000A sampling oscilloscopes are cost-effective measuring instruments with 12 GHz bandwidth for viewing and analyzing repetitive signals. They can be used for eye diagram analysis and mask testing of serial data, and for TDR/TDT measurements of cables, circuit boards, connectors and IC packages.

The PC-based architecture makes the scopes extremely portable and suitable for use with any Windows PC or laptop (Windows XP or later) with a USB port.

The latest release of the PicoScope 9000 software supplied with the instrument can now operate in two modes: as a standalone oscilloscope program, and as an ActiveX control. As an ActiveX control, the program can be controlled as a Windows COM component by the user’s own software. Examples are provided in Visual Basic, LabVIEW and Delphi, but any programming language that supports the COM standard can be used.

The PicoScope 9000 SDK runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is available to download now, free of charge, from the Pico Technology website.