Support for CAN Bus

Support for CAN Bus (Hi-res)

23 March 2004
Category: Automotive Diagnostics

Pico Technology announces the addition of CAN Bus waveforms to its Automotive Diagnostics software

  • PC oscilloscope software - v 5.10
  • Sample CAN Bus waveforms and presets
  • Automatic configuration

Cambridge, United Kingdom - 23 March 2004 - Pico Technology, the PC-based test and measurement company, has announced support for CAN Bus in the latest version of PicoScope.

PicoScope is the PC oscilloscope software at the heart of Pico Technology's award-winning Automotive Diagnostics Kit. The addition of CAN Bus waveforms and presets allows technicians to verify the presence and integrity of CAN Bus signals before further investigating any faults reported by a vehicle's OBD (onboard diagnostics) computer.

Alan Tong, Pico Technology's Technical Director, said: "CAN Bus is becoming increasingly common on today's vehicles. With the CAN Bus additions to PicoScope, the user can verify that data is being continuously exchanged along the CAN Bus and that the peak-to-peak voltage levels of the complementary high and low signals are correct."

The new software, designated version 5.10, features CAN Bus sample waveforms including: CAN Bus signal integrity; CAN Bus data view; and CAN Bus LH capture. When users open a sample waveform, PicoScope automatically configures itself for optimum timebase, voltage scales and trigger settings. In addition, by default PicoScope displays help files - though this feature can be disabled.

Tong concluded: "The addition of CAN Bus waveforms and help files to the automotive version of PicoScope greatly aids vehicle diagnostics by enabling auto technicians to adopt a more methodical approach to fault-finding."