TC-08 Thermocouple Converter Boasts 0.025°C Resolution

28 July 2000
Category: Data Acquisition

Pico Technology announces improved low cost, high resolution, 8 channel thermocouple converter.

ambridge, UK — 28 July 2000 — PC-based instrumentation specialist Pico Technology has announced improvements to its popular TC-08 — an 8 channel thermocouple to PC interface, for use with all popular thermocouple types. The TC-08 can now measure temperatures between -270 and 1800 °C, features an impressive 200 ms conversion time and a maximum resolution of 0.025 °C.

Requiring no power supply (as it takes its power from the PC/laptop), the TC-08 can be used with thermocouple types B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T and is provided with Pico's PicoLog data logging software which now features Internet Protocol (IP) support: enabling the remote measurement of temperatures and transfer of data over the Net or any company Intranet.

Mike Green, Pico Technology's Managing Director comments: “Thermocouple probes are available in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, and at prices to suit any pocket. The TC-08 makes it easier and more cost effective than ever to use these versatile temperature sensors. In addition, the wide range of temperatures that can be measured and the ability to accurately measure very small changes in temperature really opens up the number of applications for the TC-08.”

The TC-08 software allows the user to select which thermocouple type is to be assigned to which channel and the software does the rest, performing all the calculations necessary for cold junction compensation and for thermocouple curve normalisation. In addition, the user can also set any or all of the eight channels to a raw 60 mV input, so that the TC-08 can also be used with other types of sensor. “Up to nine TC-08 units can be connected to a single computer, providing up to 72 channels,” continues Green. “and we supply all the necessary software drivers for users who wish to write their own applications.”

Available immediately, the TC-08 retails for £199 (plus VAT) — a fraction of the cost of traditional bench-top thermocouple converters/monitors. Pico can also supply a variety of K type thermocouples including exposed wire (PTFE and fibreglass), air probe, general purpose insertion and ribbon surface probe. Details of these and other products can be found at !

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