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Test & Measurement accessories website (Hi-res)

25 August 2003
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Pico Technology launches a dedicated Test & Measurement accessories website

  • https://www.picotech.com/products/accessories
  • Dedicated T&M accessories website
  • Includes test probes, leads, clamps and clips

Cambridge, United Kingdom - 25 August 2003 - Pico Technology, the PC-based test and measurement solutions company, has launched a dedicated test and measurement accessories website.

The site has launched with an initial offering of 38 accessories including: oscilloscope probes (x1, x10 and x100), multimeter probes, multimeter probes, current clamps (300A AC, 60A AC/DC and 600A AC/DC), load cells and a number of other dedicated transducers.

Alan Tong, Technical Director of Pico Technology, comments on the reasoning behind launching a dedicated accessories web site: "When engineers need to purchase test leads, probes or other accessories, the search can be quite frustrating. This is mainly because test and measurement accessories are seldom prominent on a manufacturer's web site or in their catalogue. The aim of accessories.picotech.com is to provide electrical and electronic engineers of all disciplines, plus educational users, with a 'one stop shop' for test and measurement accessories, and to allow those seeking accessories to take advantage of our competitive pricing and fast delivery."

The test and measurement accessories website is active now and will be populated with additional accessories as and when they become available.

Tong concludes: "Not only are we a supplier of test and measurement solutions but, as an OEM, we are a user of all sorts of different test probes and accessories. As such, we know how much the industry needs a web site for just accessories."