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Latest Press Releases
Pico Technology releases a BNC signal conditioner for IEPE sensor applications

At Automechanika Frankfurt 2022, Pico Technology today launched its new TA487 IEPE signal conditioner for BNC-interfaced oscilloscopes. The TA487 IEPE signal conditioner is a simple adaptor that allows any PicoScope with the ability to measure and capture signals from a large selection of piezo-electric IEPE sensors.

15 September 2022
Pico Technology releases a PicoBNC+® optical sensor kit for NVH balancing applications

Pico Technology today launched its new PQ316 PicoBNC+ optical sensor kit, featuring the TA497 PicoBNC+ optical sensor, at the Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 show. The new optical sensor kit provides users with a convenient means to capture rotational speed reference signals for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) balancing applications with all the ease-of-use benefits provided by Pico Technology’s PicoBNC+ smart interface technology.

14 September 2022
Automotive DiagnosticsGeneral
Pico Technology launches kits dedicated to Heavy-Duty vehicle and Off-Highway equipment testing and fault diagnosis.

At Automechanika Frankfurt 2022, Pico Technology today launched a set of new off-highway kits for Heavy-Duty vehicle and Off-Highway (HD-OH) equipment testing built around a dedicated PicoScope oscilloscope.

13 September 2022
Automotive Diagnostics
The new BNC signal conditioner solution for all IEPE Sensors

Pico Technology has launched a new solution which allows the use of IEPE sensors on all data acquisition devices with a 1 MΩ BNC interface.

24 August 2022