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Latest Press Releases
PicoScope 7 - Next Generation Oscilloscope Software for Enhanced Performance and User Experience

Pico Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance oscilloscopes, RF and data acquisition equipment, is proud to announce the launch of its next-generation software: PicoScope 7. Building on the success of market-leading PicoScope 6 software, PicoScope 7 has been rewritten to take advantage of the latest PC and display technologies. PicoScope 7 boasts a range of enhanced features and functionality making it the ideal choice for engineers and technicians looking for precise, reliable, and easy-to-use tools for their test and measurement needs.

30 May 2023
New 30GHz PicoScope models revolutionize signal analysis at affordable prices

Pico Technology Ltd. is excited to announce major updates and additions to their ground-breaking PicoScope PC-based 9000 Series oscilloscopes. Now featuring a 30 GHz bandwidth model, alongside updated 5 GHz, 16 GHz, and 20 GHz models, PicoScope is setting new standards in the Test and Measurement industry.

Alan Tong, CEO, emphasized Pico's commitment to offering "compact, low-cost, and fully featured broadband oscilloscope solutions. Pico Technology has consolidated its position as a leading oscilloscope manufacturer with bandwidths ranging from 10MHz to 30 GHz.”

04 May 2023
PicoVNA 5, a game-changer amongst USB instrument software

Known as PicoVNA 5 software, Pico Technology Ltd. is proud to have launched a game-changing new software platform for its widely respected USB-controlled PicoVNA vector network analyzers. Cross-platform and light footprint, PicoVNA 5 will run at speed on Linux, Windows, and macOS, and PCs, Macs, and embedded systems, including Raspberry Pi 3.

02 May 2023
RF products
VNA5 Software image from Pico Technology
Pico Technology releases MT03A Milliohm & Motor Tester

Today, Pico Technology, St Neots, UK, developers of PicoScope, the world leading automotive oscilloscope, releases the MT03A Milliohm & Motor Tester. The MT03A Milliohm & Motor Tester is a revolutionary device capable of changing the way low-resistance testing is performed. The MT03A offers resistance testing of all windings on a 3-phase motor in under a minute, producing highly accurate results that can automatically compensate for temperature using the included sensor.

Designed to meet the needs of technicians and engineers in a wide range of industries, including automotive, off-highway, heavy-duty, industrial, marine, rail, mining, heavy equipment, access machines, and renewable energy, the MT03A is the ultimate low-resistance testing tool. With its earth-bond testing in compliance with UN ECE R100 regulations and a minimum test current of 200 mA, the MT03A has widespread applications, including fuel pumps, air-conditioning motors, regeneration pumps, blower motors, camshaft controls, EGR valves, turbo actuators, and more.

13 April 2023
Automotive Diagnostics