Diagnostics kit for commercial vehicles

Diagnostics kit for commercial vehicles (Hi-res)

23 March 2004
Category: Automotive Diagnostics

Pico Technology announces a version of its award-winning oscilloscope diagnostics kit for diagnosing trucks, vans and other commercial vehicles

  • Features ADC-212/100 PC oscilloscope
  • Current clamps, test probes and leads
  • Library of waveforms, presets and tests
  • Easy-to-use software

Cambridge, UK - 23 March 2004 - Pico Technology, the PC-based diagnostics company, has announced a version of its award-winning Automotive Diagnostics Kit specifically for the testing of commercial vehicles.

The kit comprises: the PicoScope ADC-212/100 PC oscilloscope; software (including a library of automotive waveforms and detailed help files) and all the test and measurement current clamps, leads, probes and accessories needed for the user to measure any electrical or electronic waveform on a vehicle; including:

CAN Bus;

  • Injectors and fuel pumps;
  • Starter and charging circuits;
  • ABS, crank, cam, lambda (oxygen) and airflow sensors; and
  • Glow plugs and timer relays.

New to the commercial vehicles version of the diagnostics kit is a 2000A AC/DC current clamp. Alan Tong, Pico Technology's Technical Director, explains "The 2000A current clamp replaces the 600A current clamp supplied with other versions of the automotive diagnostics kit and allows users to capture and view the extremely high currents drawn by the starter motors of commercial vehicles."

As for the oscilloscope at the heart of the commercial vehicle diagnostics kit, the ADC-212/100 is a 12-bit resolution, dual-channel PC oscilloscope with a sampling rate of 100MS/s and a memory depth of 128k. Tong adds: "The ADC-212/100's fast sampling rate supports the capture and viewing of CAN Bus signals, and its memory depth of 128K means that complex waveforms, such as cam and crank signals, can be recorded without sacrificing horizontal resolution."

In addition, the PicoScope software included with the diagnostics kit for commercial vehicles features a comprehensive library of waveforms and presets. The user can access these via the 'Automotive' menu, a drop-down menu that contains sub-menus for testing sensors, actuators, injectors and CAN Bus signals.

Once a particular test is selected, PicoScope automatically displays an example waveform and configures itself for optimum timebase, voltage scales and trigger settings. In addition, by default PicoScope displays help files showing, for example, where to attach test probes and advising on safety precautions.

Sample waveforms can also be accessed by visiting Pico Technology's online library of automotive waveforms. Both 'good' and 'bad' waveforms are present within the library, as good traces alone cannot convey what may be wrong with a vehicle when a technician is unable to capture a similar trace. With access to 'bad' waveforms it is easier to draw conclusions as to which components are at fault. For vehicle manufacturing companies the database can easily be customised to provide waveforms and data specific to particular makes and models of commercial vehicle.

Tong concludes: "The diagnostics kit is everything you need to measure and record the majority of the signals, currents and voltages responsible for whether the electronic systems on a truck, van or other commercial vehicle are functioning or not. And with the ability to download traces and settings from the web into PicoScope, technicians can compare like for like."

The commercial vehicles version of the Automotive Diagnostics Kit is available immediately, and retails for £1100 + VAT.


The Commercial Vehicles Diagnostics Kit contains:

  • ADC-212/100 PC oscilloscope
  • 2000A AC/DC current clamp
  • 60A DC current clamp
  • 2 x 20:1 attenuators
  • Multimeter probes
  • Small 'crocodile' clips
  • 'Dolphin' clips
  • Insulation piercing probes
  • 2 x TA000 test leads
  • 2 x Secondary ignition pickup
  • 2-pin breakout lead
  • Acupuncture probe set
  • Cigar lighter power lead
  • Automotive software CD
  • Quick start guide
  • Durable carry case