Pico Technology Releases Education Kit for Schools and Further Education Colleges

Education kit (Hi-res)

25 November 2008
Category: Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology, worldwide leaders in the design and manufacture of PC Oscilloscopes, have just released the PicoScope Education Kit for schools and Further Education colleges.

The PicoScope Education Kit allows students to carry out a range of educational experiments including a speed of sound measurement, a Faraday’s Law drop test and a simple AC dynamo. The results are displayed as high-quality waveforms that can then be printed or included in reports. A further 9 tests are built in to the software, and new tests can easily be created and stored for instant recall when required.

The kit includes a PicoScope 2205 PC Oscilloscope and Pico’s well-established PicoScope 6 software. These form the basis of all the experiments, and enable the student to trigger on and capture complex waveforms with very little previous experience.

Paul Allen, Distribution Sales Manager, explains “We developed the PicoScope Education Kit to meet the requirements of the education syllabus. Now every classroom can obtain world-class equipment at an affordable price.”

The Education Kit is easy to use, with fully illustrated instructions built into the software. Pico also provide free technical support and free software upgrades for the lifetime of the product.

The PicoScope Education Kit is available direct from Pico Technology or from Pico’s worldwide authorised distributor network at £395 + VAT. Read further information on the Pico Technology website, or request details by telephoning +44 (0)1480 396 395.