Pico Technology announces availability of EnviroMon (EL005) with wireless (GSM) capability

12 March 2001
Category: Data Acquisition

Pico complements its popular EnviroMon EL008 with the low-cost, wireless EL005 data logger.

  • Employs GSM's short messaging system
  • Mobile data logging — remote sites
  • Up to 60 channels — up to 250,000 readings
  • Flash memory, so can be upgraded in the field

Cambridge, UK — 12 March 2001— PC-based instrumentation specialist Pico Technology announces the immediate availability of a wireless version of its popular EnviroMon data logger. Designated the EL005, the new EnviroMon can store 250,000 readings and is a versatile and expandable data logging and alarm system. The EL005 supports between one and 60 channels, and features GSM support — ideal for mobile data logging and remote sites — and can be used to send text messages using GSM's short message system (SMS) to any phone.

Mike Green, Pico Technology's Managing Director comments: “This new wireless capability of EnviroMon means you could, for example, be notified via your mobile phone that the temperature in a certain remote or mobile refrigeration unit has reached a critical value.”

Such critical values are set through Pico's PC-based software. “You've just got to tell the EL005 what the limits are on any or all of its 60 channels, determine which messages you wish to send, and provide a GSM phone number for the unit to dial,” explains Green. “In addition, the EL005 has a built in rechargeable battery in case of mains failure — so you'll still get notification of limits being reached, as could well be the case in the refrigeration unit example, if there is an interruption in the mains supply.”

The EL005 employs Flash memory, which means the product can easily be upgraded to take advantage of new functions. Furthermore, Pico Technology's EnviroMon products (the EL005 and EL008) do not require permanent connection to the PC — as connection is primarily for programming and interrogation. “And with the EL005 wireless capability, the PC can actually call the EL005 unit in the field, via the GSM modem, for programming and interrogation purposes,” adds Green.

All EnviroMon data loggers are supplied with EnviroMon for Windows software, for:

  • System configuration — naming sensors, and setting alarm thresholds
  • Downloading data to a PC for long term storage
  • Graphical analysis of data (either using in built features or exporting to other applications)
  • Printing data (raw data, graphs, summary reports) to any Windows compatible printer

“With its ability to store 250,000 readings, the EL005 can record at one minute intervals on one channel for more than 173 days,” says Green. “So the PC can be switched off for extremely long periods without impacting the EL005's ability to monitor environmental conditions.”

The EL005 features up to 60 channels, but thanks to the modular design of the EnviroMon system it is very cost effective for just two or three channels. The user can spread the 250,000 reading capability over several channels to acquire multiple signals — for example one channel for recording at one minute intervals for 173 days or all 60 channels recording for nearly three days.

“Increasingly, users are using EnviroMon with PCs and it is becoming less important to have a display,” concludes Green “ As a result we've produced the EnviroMon EL005 as a high-spec' unit that actually costs less than the original EnviroMon unit.”

The EL005, like the EL008 with display, can be connected to many low cost accessories to provide a comprehensive data logging and alarm system. These accessories include: the EL006 remote alarm unit which will sound if any user-programmed limits are reached on any of the channels; the EL033 modem adaptor so that a remote computer can call up to download data; and the EL019 Telephone Autodialler which will dial (in a sequential loop) a series of user programmed emergency phone numbers until a recorded message can be delivered.

Details of the EL005, EL008 and accessories, along with all of Pico's hardware and software products, can be found at www.picotech.com

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