Pico Technology Launches Advanced Oscilloscope Diagnostics Kit

Advanced oscilloscope diagnostics kit (Hi-res)

28 May 2009
Category: Automotive Diagnostics

The latest top-of-the-range kit includes all the accessories that we could fit in the box!

The PicoScope Oscilloscope Diagnostics Kits have a great reputation in the automotive industry, but we’ve decided to make them better. Now you can choose whether to buy a kit and then build your own collection of accessories, or buy everything in one kit. To help busy mechanics and technicians, our diagnostics experts have put together the new Advanced Kit, which contains everything in the previous kit plus a generous selection of the best diagnostic accessories.

The extra items in the Advanced Kit include:

  • Set of four 6-way breakout leads, in a range of terminal sizes, for tapping into multi-way connectors without disabling the electrical system
  • A second 60-amp current clamp so you can look at the currents in two injectors, or two ignition coil primaries, at the same time
  • Set of 4 spark plug extension leads for measuring the kVs in a coil-on-plug ignition system
  • ATC and mini-ATC fuse extension leads for use with an amps clamp
  • Coil-on-plug probe for picking up ignition patterns from most coil packs
  • 2 high-speed oscilloscope probes for viewing digital signals like CAN bus and FlexRay without distortion, as well as for general electronics troubleshooting
  • A tough carrying case, bigger than before

The PicoScope kits can test airflow, MAF and MAP sensors; lambda and knock sensors; ABS, crank and cam sensors; injectors and fuel pumps; primary and secondary ignition; CAN bus and FlexRay signals; batteries, starting and charging circuits; glow plugs and timer relays; relative compression; and many other items. You don’t have to pay extra for vehicle-specific tests, because PicoScope works with any make of engine. All the software you need is included in the price.

Full details of the PicoScope Oscilloscope Diagnostics Kits are available on the Pico Technology website atwww.picoauto.com. Free technical support and software updates are available to all Pico customers.