PicoScope 2202 (Hi-res)

07 June 2005
Category: Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology, the market leader in PC Oscilloscopes, has announced the immediate availability of the PicoScope 2202 PC Oscilloscope.

Connected to your PC and powered by its USB 2.0 port, the dual-channel PicoScope 2202 is a PC Oscilloscope with 8-bit resolution, 20 MS/s sampling rate and a 32 kB memory depth. In combination with the PicoScope and PicoLog software included, the unit acts as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, multimeter and data logger.

Using the latest advances in measurement technology, Pico Technology has designed the low-cost PicoScope 2202 with hobbyist and educational markets in mind. With its high sampling rate, the oscilloscope is useful in a variety of electronic applications including audio amplifiers, switched-mode power supplies and microcontrollers, and for displaying waveforms obtained from laboratory experiments. The USB 2.0 port makes the device easy to use with all standard desktop and laptop PC's and removes the need to configure printer ports. There is no need for an external power supply, as the unit takes its power from the USB port.

The PicoScope 2202 is supported by the PicoScope and PicoLog software included with each unit. PicoScope provides oscilloscope, spectrum analyser and multimeter functions, with the ability to save and print waveforms. PicoLog turns your system into a powerful data logger that can export data to a spreadsheet or display it as a graph, both in real time or using recorded data. These programs are easy for the novice to operate, but also contain a full range of advanced features for expert users. Software updates are available free of charge from the Pico Technology website.

Speaking of the latest addition to Pico's PC Oscilloscope range, Alan Tong, Managing Director said, “With the PicoScope 2202 we have successfully expanded our range of USB-connected PC Oscilloscopes to appeal to a wider range of users. We designed this product to make PC Oscilloscopes affordable for hobbyists and educational users. Although the PicoScope 2202 is keenly priced, customers can be confident that the unit has been designed using the latest technology and to the highest standards for which Pico Technology has become renowned.”

The PicoScope 2202 PC Oscilloscope is available immediately direct from Pico Technology or from one of our authorised distributors at a cost of £199 + VAT. You can obtain further information from thePico Technology website or by calling +44 (0) 1480 396 395.